Hughes Marino Joins Exis Global Commercial Real Estate Organization

San Francisco, CA –  Hughes Marino, Inc., a commercial real estate company exclusively representing business owners and corporate real estate decision makers throughout California, has joined forces with 16 other leading commercial real estate firms across the globe as an Exis member firm.

According to Jason Hughes, President & CEO, “Hughes Marino is always looking for innovative ways to provide additional services to our clients. By joining Exis as a member firm, Hughes Marino has significantly expanded our global reach. Through our membership in Exis, we show our clients that we are there for them, wherever their real estate needs take them.”

“Hughes Marino has a history of raising the bar when it comes to service in the highly competitive commercial real estate industry. The broker disclosure law I conceived (known as SB 1171), which was signed into California law last September and went into effect this past January, mandates that brokers disclose any conflicts of interest to tenants upon their initial meeting – something that often never happened in the past.” What truly sets Hughes Marino apart as a company is the fact that we are constantly looking for ways to improve. We recognize the incredible opportunities available to our clients through our affiliation with Exis, and we are thrilled to bring even greater resources to each and every client we work with, no matter where their real estate needs take them.”

Shay Hughes, co-owner and COO of Hughes Marino continues, “We formed Exis, not to be the world’s largest tenant representation firm, but to be the best. We carefully vetted, and will continue to vet, each partner firm because we are more interested in having the right partners than having the most dots on a map. We want to be able to serve our clients with the quality of care they get locally, wherever they require our service.”

As an Exis board member, Mrs. Hughes plays an active role overseeing Exis’ global operations, which are based out of Hughes Marino’s San Diego headquarters. She states, “We are proud to collaborate with some of the most respected, like-minded, tenant-focused firms in commercial real estate from around the globe in an industry where, frankly, landlords often hold greater sway with full-service brokerage firms because they represent a majority those firms’ business. Partnering with Exis gives us greater insight into key markets, and strength in negotiation by working with partners of the highest integrity and greatest ability from all corners of the world.”

The decision to form Exis was driven by rapid consolidation in the brokerage industry, which has resulted in fewer firms limiting their services to tenant representation, and an overall increased focus on corporate goals rather than client services. In direct challenge to this model, leading tenant representatives worldwide have united through the creation of Exis. Founded in 2015, Exis was created to provide tenants and other end users of real estate with a passionate advocate at the negotiating table wherever their business operations take them. With partners based in 23 cities across four continents and growing, the organizational structure of Exis allows each member firm to maintain its independence and business agility while offering consistent quality of service internationally.

Exis member firms represent many of the largest and most respected companies around the world, including numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as small, medium and large organizations in the fields of healthcare, legal, life science, technology, defense, higher education and professional services industries. Currently, Exis members are located in key markets throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

About Hughes Marino
Hughes Marino is a leading commercial real estate company that exclusively represents business owners and corporate real estate decision makers throughout California. The company only represents tenants and buyers – never landlords – which eliminates potential conflicts of interest that other real estate firms have. In addition to tenant and buyer representation, the firm offers in-house construction management, lease administration services, and lease audit specialists who support their tenant representation team. The firm has offices in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Additional information is available at

About Exis
Exis is a global commercial real estate brokerage and advisory organization servicing thousands of clients worldwide. Dedicated to achieving the best outcome for real estate end users, Exis leverages and collaborates with member firms in key international markets to ensure clients receive the most up-to-date market data and favorable outcomes in their real estate transactions. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with an Exis member firm at

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