Lake Merritt/Uptown & Downtown Oakland Ambassadors Reward Good Samaritans & Promote Oakland Businesses

The Lake Merritt/Uptown & Downtown Oakland District Associations are proud to announce a new program to reward good samaritans and promote Oakland businesses at the same time.

The “Ambassador Card” program, which went into effect March 11, 2013, will see district Hospitality Ambassadors handing out more than $3000 in gift cards to people they witness on the streets doing good deeds or being good citizens. The cards, created in partnership with the districts, Oakland Grown and sponsored by Rotunda Dental, are preloaded with a $2 credit that can be used at any of the 30 or more participating businesses in Oakland.

“Uptown and Downtown Association members want to enthusiastically promote Oakland shops and businesses and this is one very good way to do it. We are helping our small businesses and rewarding people for doing good,” said Andrew Jones, of the Uptown and Downtown District Associations. “In our society, we often don’t acknowledge the little things that make a difference in our day to day lives, so we’ve instructed our Ambassadors to look out for folks picking up litter, helping someone cross the street and other good deeds and then give them one of our cards. It’s a small amount of money, of course, but it’s the thought that counts. If just a small percentage of the recipients keeps and adds to their card, we’ll be helping local retailers,” he added. Jones said that he hoped other district associations, office landlords and local employers would embrace the card and expand its use throughout the city.

Cardholders can load more money to their cards online, once the card is registered. Registered cardholders will then earn rewards (Oakshares) for their Oakland purchases, be protected against lost or stolen cards and get updates on specials, rewards and new participating businesses. In addition to the Oakshare benefits, cardholders may receive all sorts of discounts and free services like the $50 credit that Rotunda Dental has offered to any cardholders.

Oakland Grown was established to foster community and encourage local purchasing by residents, visitors and artists. For more information on how to receive an Oakland grown gift card or how to use and activate your Ambassador Card, please visit:

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