Mighty Buildings Appoints Scott Gebicke as CEO

Jabil and McKinsey alum aims to scale adoption of world’s first 3D-printed sustainable and climate-resilient homes

OAKLAND, Calif.–Mighty Buildings, a 3D-printing construction technology company dedicated to building beautiful, sustainable, and climate-resilient homes at scale, announced today the appointment of Scott Gebicke as Chief Executive Officer.

As Mighty Buildings advances from proof of product market fit to scaleup acceleration, Gebicke joins the company with a strong track record of manufacturing innovation, most recently in several leadership roles at Jabil over the past 11 years, including as president of the Industrial Division and of Jabil Defense & Aerospace. Gebicke is a veteran U.S. Naval Officer and previously was a leader in McKinsey & Company’s industrial practice, supporting high tech clients across areas including growth, innovation, and operational turnouts. Meanwhile, Mighty Buildings’ co-founder and first CEO Slava Solonitsyn will continue to serve on the Board of Directors, where he will provide strategic oversight throughout the company’s next stages of ambitious growth.

“I am pleased to welcome Scott, who brings years of impressive industrial experience and a proven track record of developing and implementing large-scale business strategies,” said Mr. Solonitsyn. “His unparalleled skillset is precisely what Mighty Buildings needs from a CEO at this important stage of our growth.”

Gebicke’s depth of knowledge in manufacturing and green energy tied to his expertise in scaling organizations will help steer Mighty Buildings’ next stage of accelerated growth and adoption of its sustainable, net-zero energy homes. This includes spearheading Mighty Buildings’ recent initiative for B2B partnerships with home developers in the U.S. and worldwide to rapidly scale with communities of 50+ units in multiple locations by leveraging the company’s unique, panelized Mighty Kit System.

“Mighty Buildings is poised to massively disrupt the building industry, addressing both sustainability and housing shortages globally. I am proud to lead a company innovating through: green materials, innovative design, and automated precision. We will build homes with unparalleled resiliency and energy efficiency at revolutionary speeds. This is the future of home construction,” said Mr. Gebicke.

About Mighty Buildings

Mighty Buildings is a construction technology company that is dedicated to transforming the way the world builds homes. By using automation, 3D printing, advanced material science, and other innovative technologies for offsite prefabrication, Mighty Buildings can build houses more than twice as fast, with up to 99% less residual waste, and reduced environmental impact than conventional construction. Mighty Buildings works with compliance and regulatory agencies to develop future-forward materials that are tested and certified to the most rigorous standards. Having initially proven its business model in direct sales to consumers, Mighty Buildings has now shifted to a partnership approach, collaborating with developers to build communities of single-family homes, in various configurations, based on its unique, panelized Mighty Kit System. Mighty Buildings is committed to making beautiful, sustainable, climate resilient, and high-quality homes a reality for everyone.

For more info, visit mightybuildings.com.

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