NAVY Announces Update on Plan for Re-testing Parcel G at Hunters Point in San Francisco

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San Francisco — On June 21, 2019, the Navy announced an update on the final work plan for retesting Parcel G at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (“Shipyard”). Parcel G is one of the Navy Parcels at the Shipyard subject to re-testing based on fraudulent soil data sampling by the Navy’s contractor, Tetra Tech EC. On June 20, 2019 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) approved the Soil Reference Background Area Sampling portion of the work plan, which includes collection and analysis methods for soil background samples. While background soil sampling is scheduled to commence in the coming weeks based on EPA’s partial work plan approval, the remainder of the re-testing effort for Parcel G, as described by the work plan, is pending further regulatory agency approvals. 

The goal of the re-testing efforts at Parcel G, including this background sampling portion, is to create credible data about the current site conditions and to verify the remediation goals have been met. A Navy-hired, independent third-party contractor will monitor and verify testing and data integrity during the entire re-testing process. The EPA and California Department of Toxic Substances Control (“DTSC”) will review the re-testing process as it is implemented and review the results. Only when the data from this initial background sampling effort and additional Parcel G re-testing effort show site conditions meet the remediation standards will land be deemed suitable to transfer to the City and County of San Francisco. If results do not meet the standards, additional excavation or sampling will be required. In addition, as part of evaluating the health and safety of the parcel before transfer, the Navy will also be working with EPA to provide appropriate information regarding whether the original clean-up objectives will be protective of human health as part of its five-year review process. Approval of this portion of the work plan is the first step in the process to begin revaluation of all the areas where Tetra Tech EC performed work.  

In 2012, the Navy identified and investigated some irregularities in data for soil samples from contractor, Tetra Tech EC. In 2017, after a thorough investigation, the Navy determined that the data from the contractor was not reliable and retesting would be required. Retesting of parcels where Tetra Tech EC performed work will begin with Parcel G. Tetra Tech EC is no longer performing work at the Shipyard. 

Parcel G is part of Shipyard Phase 2, which is not under development. The Shipyard will be developed in two distinct phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2. At full build out, both phases of the Shipyard will consist of approximately 4,882 units of housing, 4.3 million square feet of office/R&D, and 258 acres of open space, plus artist, retail, and community spaces. To date, 439 units have been built at Shipyard Phase 1 and there is no development activity on Shipyard Phase 2. 

The land at Phase 1 and Phase 2 is also divided into parcels. Phase 1 has two parcels commonly referred to as the “Hilltop” and the “Hillside” (formerly designated Parcel A by the Navy). Phase 2 includes all remaining Shipyard parcels. 

Phase 1’s Hilltop and Hillside areas are not part of the superfund site, and have been confirmed by the EPA to be safe for people to live and work there. In 2018, in response to community concerns, House Speaker Pelosi and the City requested that the California Department of Public Health (“CDPH”) conduct a radiological survey of Phase 1’s Hilltop and Hillside areas (Parcel A) to confirm public safety. CDPH conducted a radiological survey of the Hilltop and Hillside and determined that there are no radiological health and safety hazards for residents, workers, or visitors. All CDPH reports for Phase 1’s Hilltop and Hillside (Parcel A) areas are available at www.CDPH.CA.GOV 

The Navy plans to initiate fieldwork for soil background samples in the next few weeks.Details and the full statement can be found on the Navy’s website at: BRACPMO NAVY.

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