Northern California Franchiser HomeSmiles Wins Prestigious Emerging Franchise Brand of the Year Award in Orlando, FL

HomeSmiles Jesshill Love Franchise Brokers Association Emerging Brand of the Year Award for 2022 Bay Area Silicon Valley Northern California

Silicon Valley, CA – The Franchise Brokers Association has awarded the Emerging Brand of the Year Award for 2022 to a Bay Area franchiser HomeSmiles at its recent annual conference in Orlando, FL. The award for Emerging Franchise Brand of the Year is a coveted and prestigious honor that is widely watched by industry leaders, venture capitalists, and private equity investors for potential future acquisition opportunities. 

Recognized as one of the most creative concepts to hit the franchise market in the last decade, HomeSmiles has achieved impressive growth and success since it started in 2019. After a three-year test run in Silicon Valley and Northern California, the company has quickly grown to include successful franchises in a number of markets across California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, and Idaho. In addition, HomeSmiles has recently approved its first franchise on the East Coast in the Orlando, FL area where it will continue to expand in the near future. HomeSmiles is the only one-stop shop in the country that has successfully bundled property maintenance services for all forms of real estate to avoid deferred maintenance, achieve regulatory compliance, maintain the safety of the occupants, and provide property owners with a peace of mind that their assets are safe and kept up. 

Company founder and CEO, Jesshill Love, is proud of the company’s success to date, however, he has been diligent when expanding the company’s growth. “We clearly have more demand for franchise locations than is reflected in our sales. We have been very cautious with our awards, wanting to focus on franchisee success, as opposed to pure hyper-growth,” Love recently stated. “We anticipate that we will double in size and sales every year for the next three years. The market is highly receptive to our aggregation model, and I look forward to our continued successful growth across the nation.”

The success of the organization and its business model comes as a result of the hard work and dedication of both the HomeSmiles corporate team and that of its franchisees. “It’s not easy to get a new concept off the ground, and HomeSmiles is definitely that–a new concept. HomeSmiles is like oil changers for your property, we perform all the maintenance your property needs to avoid deferred maintenance and keep the occupants safe. Prior to our launch, there simply wasn’t a ‘one click-one call’ maintenance solution; HomeSmiles changed all that for property owners. Our corporate team and franchisees have worked tirelessly over the past three years to lift this concept into the public mainstream, and I couldn’t be more proud of all of them.”

Over the next three years, HomeSmiles intends to focus on franchise implementation in major urban core metro markets, or NFL cities, as Mr. Love likes to refer to them. HomeSmiles is also launching a direct property management integration platform that allows property management companies to acquire and scale HomeSmiles franchises in connection with their existing property management companies. 

About HomeSmiles is the national leader in property maintenance services. HomeSmiles began franchising in 2019 and has revolutionized the property maintenance industry by providing a single-source solution for real estate maintenance needs. HomeSmiles bundled property maintenance services for all forms of real estate to avoid deferred maintenance, achieve regulatory compliance, and maintain the safety of the occupants. 

HomeSmiles is the only one-stop shop for all property maintenance services for all types of real estate in the country. For more information on HomeSmiles, you can visit our website at, or contact us directly at

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