Prometheus Plans Another Residential Project in Santa Clara, This One Near City Hall

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By Daniel Smith

Like its productive namesake of Greek mythology who created mankind and gave us fire, Prometheus Real Estate Group is keeping busy in Santa Clara, submitting plans for yet another housing project in that Peninsula city.

The San Mateo-based developer is the largest private owner of multifamily properties in the Bay Area and currently building two other residential projects in Santa Clara. On April 8, the company submitted plans at City Hall for a third project of 275 attached housing units on 3.82 acres at the northwest corner of El Camino Real and Monroe Street, right near the civic center.

[contextly_sidebar id=”tUgODWsXMNxobH9s4GybAU0YqtZHLseD”]“That density range is much higher than what is currently allowed,” said Lee Butler, planning manager for the city of Santa Clara, noting that eight of the planned residences are planned as live-work units. “It would require a [rezoning and] General Plan Amendment.”

The planner said the property is currently slated for “community mixed use” in the city General Plan, which allows a maximum of 36 dwellings per acre rather than the 70 dwellings per acre called for in the Prometheus proposal. The zoning is currently Commercial Thoroughfare along El Camino Real and General Office deeper in the parcel.

The project proposes Planned Development zoning that would occupy four addresses on El Camino Real: 1375, 1385, 1483 and 1493. The 267 strictly residential units would cover 241,000 square feet. Butler said there are eight one-bedroom plans ranging from 700 to 1,015 square feet and three two-bedroom layouts ranging from 1,091 to 1,200 square feet.

The plan calls for an additional 8,400 square feet in residential amenities and about 5,000 of ground-floor commercial space. The eight live-work units would cover 15,300 square feet, an average of 1,913 each. Butler said the proposal calls for a five-story building with parking on each level and more on the roof.

Butler said the project will need City Council approval of the General Plan Amendment and rezoning to go forward.

“Ultimately, the architectural details will go back to the Architectural Committee for review,” said the planning manager, referencing a subcommittee composed of two Planning Commissioners and a City Councilmember.

He said on April 22 that city staff plans to review the proposal by the first week in May before they set any potential timetable for the new project, adding, “That’s when we would be taking a look at (it), the next steps into how far along they are.”

Calls to Prometheus regarding the new proposal were not returned. The company is currently finishing up 793 homes on 27 acres along Kiely Boulevard and building a four-story apartment building of 222 units at Buckingham Drive and North Saratoga Avenue.

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