Redwood City: City Manager Robert Bell Announces His Retirement

REDWOOD CITY – City Manager Dr. Robert Bell (Bob) announced his intention to retire from the City of Redwood City at the end of June in order to pursue new personal and professional opportunities and challenges.

Bob has held leadership positions within the City of Redwood City for the past ten years. Bob first came to the City in September 2005 as Human Resources Director and served as both Assistant City Manager and then City Manager since 2010.

Bob led the City of Redwood City out of the worst economic downturn in decades and implemented the City Council’s vision for economic growth and financial solvency. Working with the City Council, labor groups and employees, Bob was able to help balance the budget and put Redwood City back on fiscally healthy ground. In addition, under Bob’s leadership a new organizational structure was implemented and several key department head positions filled; including hiring Police Chief JR Gamez; Community Development Director Aaron Aknin and more recently Library Director Derek Wolfgram and Public Works Director Ramana Chinnakotla.

Bob also successfully implemented the City Council’s legislative priorities, which included strengthening Redwood City’s local economy, revitalizing the Downtown, and protecting the environment through the drafting of a Climate Action Plan.

These accomplishments were the milestones that Bob set out to achieve upon being appointed as City Manager.  “Redwood City is a special place and I am proud to have been a part of this community.  We have accomplished great things because of the vision, commitment, and dedication of everyone inside and outside of City Hall who cares deeply about this community,” commented Bell.

Mayor Jeff Gee commented, “The City Council is grateful for Bob’s leadership and his many accomplishments as City Manager.  Bob set forth a strong vision of a responsive and accountable government, based on the principles of customer service, fiscal responsibility, and efficiency.  Bob has delivered on this vision and has worked tirelessly to meet and even exceed the Council’s high expectations for this critical position.”

Vice Mayor Rosanne Foust adds, “Bob provided the leadership the City needed at a pivotal time and I am thankful for his dedication and all that we have accomplished together.  While I will miss working with Bob, I am excited for him as he embarks on his next journey.”

Bob plans on an active retirement, one that allows him to pursue new challenges while providing more flexibility and time for work/life balance.

The City Council will be meeting in the coming weeks to develop a plan for selecting the next City Manager.

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