San Francisco’s legendary Regency Ballroom building at 1300 Van Ness, a popular AEG-booked music and event venue built in 1909 is coming to market listed by Compass Commercial for an undisclosed price. The event and concert space is currently ranked as” the largest privately- owned entertainment venue on the West Coast,” according to owners, San Francisco real estate professionals Scott Robertson and brothers David and Lee Banks. 

The offering covers a myriad of opportunities for future purposes beyond its primary use as an entertainment and event space. Future owners can choose from developing residential or office space, a private club or continuing to use the space as a concert and event venue.

Zoning along this part of Van Ness allows construction above the roofline for additional uses including residential and medical office condos. The base building redevelopment can include private and public supper clubs, gyms and sports courts, swimming pool or ongoing office and entertainment venues. The busy Van Ness Corridor is a rapidly evolving neighborhood with multiple mixed-use and multifamily developments planned or under construction with excellent access to Opera, Symphony libraries, museums and restaurants.

” Nearly 100 years after its construction,” says Steve Pugh, President of Compass Commercial California, “the original owner of the Regency Center sold this property to the current owners, San Francisco real estate professionals Scott Robertson and brothers David and Lee Banks. At the outset, the Robertson plans included increased office use while maintaining an existing movie theater and dance studio. However, as renovations began, new and creative concepts emerged from the public and private events industry calling for the earlier plans to evolve into a much grander design. Within a few years, the Regency Center was transformed into the preeminent, largest, and most successful privately-owned events facility on the west coast.”

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For more information about this opportunity, contact Steve Pugh at or 415 497-8307.

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