Skyline Construction Hires New President Rick Millitello

Skyline Construction Repositions For Global Clientele, Bigger Projects and Life Sciences

SAN FRANCISCO, June 5, 2012 — Tenant improvement contracting is almost always done by a local firm working locally. So how can Bay Area-based Skyline Construction do TI work in Illinois and even the United Kingdom? And not just as consultants. Skyline Construction is also repositioning for very big jobs. And not just in the Bay Area.

Skyline Construction is beefing up its staff to meet this need with the recent hire of its new president, Rick Millitello, who has “big construction” credentials with firms like global-size Skanska USA, where he was responsible for all building construction within California and oversaw campus-size construction projects.

“Why are we doing longer distance and bigger projects? In a word, it’s called Trust,” says CEO David Hayes. “Bay Area clients for whom we’ve done work want us to handle their projects elsewhere, and they are willing to pay a slight premium for us to do it. And Rick has what it takes for us to make this big power move.”

Millitello is a 31-year veteran who has overseen the construction of campus-size projects for top-flight companies like Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, Johnson & Johnson, Genentech, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Verizon and Sutter Health.  He ran Skanska USA building construction as general manager and executive vice president and was responsible for all California building projects.  Before that he spent 20 years at Rudolph and Sletten, where he rose to chief operating officer for Northern California.

“With his leadership, we plan on taking the steps of building our organization into a company of great depth and talent, complemented with great systems and process,” says Hayes. “The future is bright for Skyline Construction, and we keep growing.  We now have the leadership in building expertise and construction executive management to help us grow responsibly.”

Skyline Construction, ranked among the top 25 Northern California contractors, reorganized as a 100%  employee-owned company in 2005, a move that boosted the company’s productivity by giving its employees a greater stake in the outcome of all projects. It was named one of the best workplaces in the country in a Wall Street Journal survey. Its offices serve Silicon Valley, the East Bay and San Francisco.

Millitello says Skyline Construction’s unique ESOP structure is one of the reasons he joined the company and why he believes the firm will have the staff dedication to achieve its ambitious geographic and sector expansion goals. “Skyline Construction has worked to  create a highly innovative and collegial corporate culture that has attracted some of the best talent in the industry,” says Millitello. “It’s a team that’s able to apply its clients-first commitment to even larger projects.”

“Skyline Construction is already known as a great TI firm and has won praise for its tech and critical infrastructure projects,” says Millitello. “What I hope to do is help it expand in project size by going after ground-up contracts, as well as in building hospitals and medical office buildings in the Bay Area and far beyond.”

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