The Factory 510 Breaks New Ground for Entrepreneurs

New 15,000 Sq. Ft. Space lets businesses grow creatively and confidently

(San Leandro, CA, February 12, 2016)— A new approach to “co-working” promises to change the world for new businesses, artists and entrepreneurs. A large new facility has been launched within the converted auto factory that is The Gate 510, the Bay Area’s premier art/tech/maker space.

Two things distinguish The Factory 510, making it a new approach to growing a business. First, its central hub is an open, huge room filled with custom designed art and collaboration spaces. Furniture is chosen (and sometimes designed and built) to offer varied levels of intimacy and capacity. This makes it a natural place for the exchange of ideas and influences among tech people, artists and entrepreneurs. Ideas can grow in new and surprising ways.

Second, it provides a completed “runway” for businesses to go from idea to established enterprise. Owners can progress at their own pace without the stresses that often come with biting off more than they can chew as they grow.

“Our research told us there is something lost when business founders take on extraneous pressures,” said Cheryl Edison, co-founder of The Factory 510. “This incubator creates a natural progression from kitchen table to collective space; from a shared desk to a temporary private space in the building. The best measure of success is when they sign a long-term lease with The Gate 510. All the while, they enjoy the advantages of a creative co-working environment that can grow with them.”

The new facility also achieves a goal sought by the City of San Leandro: to combine technology and art. Mayor Pauline Cutter has proclaimed February 12th to be “The Gate and Factory 510 Co-Working Day” in the city. The new space is expected to at-tract new business development and bolster the local economy.

Construction of the new space involved demolition of ten former suites in the old Plymouth Dodge plant (1933 Davis St., San Leandro, CA 94577) also known as The Gate 510 (with Factory 510 a tenant). That was a big step for Scanlan Kemper Bard and WHI Real Estate Partners, but they took the step without hesitation. That’s because The Factory 510 is open to all the Gate’s long term tenants, with the full range of amenities and opportunities, a fact that appeals to existing and prospective tenants.

“We welcome The Factory 510 co-working and creative space programs as the next step in our goal to provide art, tech, and makers a place to meet, test projects, and grow their businesses,” said Stephen Wong, Senior Vice President for SKB. “This makes us one of the most innovative venues for new businesses in the whole Bay Area,” he said.

Current tenants at The Gate 510 are delighted.

“The more artists and innovators flock to The Gate, the more opportunities we see for collaboration and inspiration,” says Espen Sivertsen of Type A Machines. “Our industry isn’t about hardware or software anymore – it’s about the user’s experience. And who better to inspire emotion than artists? Our team does better work in a creative environment like this.”

The membership structure is designed to be friendly to entrepreneurs by allowing for maximum flexibility— shared or private desks and spaces for as brief a time as a single day.

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