The Presidio: Finding a New National Purpose

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There are also plans to create an interactive park where users can walk through and activate chips implanted in trees with their smart phones and hear the history and biology of the tree. The programming The Bridge/Sustainability Institute is proposing runs more in favor with topics around climate change and consumption. “We need to rethink how we make and consume things, how we treat our planet,” Warner said. “Some people were concerned that our content would be too preachy but here in San Francisco, we have never been the kind of people to shy away from what needs to be said.”

[contextly_sidebar id=”ea0a2d5c7ab0407670a07b579ee24334″]The final proposal, The Presidio Exchange, was presented by Greg More, president and CEO of The Golden Gate National Park Conservancy. The idea behind this proposal is to create a park, museum and an interactive space all in one. The design is led by San Francisco’s EHDD Architecture with the landscape and sustainability design by CMG Landscape Architecture. “It’s like nothing you’ve seen before,” said More during the presentation. “And that is its magic.”

The Golden Gate National Park Conservancy has collected more than 30 million dollars from beneficiaries and donors in the past 32 years and with the planning of this new civic space, they’ve been working amongst others with institutions like SFMOMA and the Bill Lane Center of the American West. While the other two proposals are more self-contained, The Presidio Exchange is looking to have a wider and more eclectic schedule of programming that would feature artists, musicians and even a culinary experience through a special chef-in-residence program. There are plans for outside exhibits, recreating famous works of natural art, as well as an array of public programs and events, infusing the park with contemporary cultural exhibitions.

The Presidio Exchange wants to create an area that connects to the creativity of the Bay Area while enjoying the views and natural beauty that makes the Presidio so unique. More believes their proposal is the one most suited for the area. “We’ve surveyed the Crissy Field visitors, we talked to community members,” More said. “The Presidio Exchange is the only proposal so connected to the area that it could not exist anywhere else.”

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