Top Agent Network Passes 6,000 Member Milestone

Nation’s Highest Producing Real Estate Agents Attracted By Professional, Private Exchange

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16, 2015 — San Francisco-based Top Agent Network (TAN) announced today that its member count now exceeds 6,000, continuing the trend of +70% average annual growth since 2012. By maintaining a regional membership structure that restricts membership to only the most successful producers in each chapter area, Top Agent Network has created an online “Bohemian Grove” of local real estate, offering members and their clients exclusive, trusted information and powerful competitive advantages.

Membership in Top Agent Network is by invitation only. To become a member, an agent must be in the top 10% of their region based on past 24-month MLS sales. In any given area, these top 10% producers are responsible for 90% of the homes sold. At 6,000 members, TAN’s member group now boasts an annual sales volume exceeding $78 billion and a client base of 1.2M homebuyers, homesellers and homeowners. These clients spend more than $9 billion annually on real estate-related services.

Providing Top Agents With More Options, in a More Trusted Environment

Members appreciate that TAN offers them more options for serving their clients than the traditional MLS, and that it puts into one virtual room all the true pros in their market area.

“I love the community aspect,” says Amanda Jones, a TAN charter member and top-producing real estate agent at Sotheby’s International Realty in San Francisco. “I love that I can access 200+ local and verified top agents for real time answers, non-MLS properties and buyers in an open yet discreet way. No other meeting or website gives me that.”

Pacific Union’s Patricia Navone, a member since Top Agents Network’s founding, likes TAN for the options it gives her clients. “Some clients are very private people who don’t want their listing on public real estate portals, and don’t want unqualified buyers trooping through their home. I know TAN can give them privacy but still broad exposure.”

How Members Use TAN

Through the members-only website, TAN agents connect in diverse ways throughout the life-cycle of the home sale, starting before a listing is posted on the local MLS and continuing to closing and beyond. Members post information traditionally exchanged within local brokerages and networking groups, such as announcements of Pre- and Non-MLS Listings, Buyer Needs, Service Provider Recommendations and Industry Discussion. TAN let’s members exchange vital information across all brokerages, giving each member a wealth of the area’s very earliest listing information and invaluable professional insights.

TAN members then leverage their access to this information to distinguish themselves versus competition to clients. In Top Agent Network member surveys, most TAN members (67%) report that they got a new client or impressed a client by mentioning their TAN membership. In TAN’s most active chapters, 85% of members reported making additional home sales due to TAN.

Founded From Time-Tested, True Top Agent Experience

Top Agent Network was founded by CEO David Faudman. Beginning in 1991, Mr. Faudman spent more than a decade as a top 1% agent in Marin County, California. To address the need he saw for more and better communications beyond the MLS, in 1995 he started TAN as a private email list for premier agents. Based on its huge success, he re-launched TAN as a private online application in June, 2009.

For more information, to apply for membership and to view the verified Top Agent Network member directory, visit

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