Bay Area Council Encourages WETA to Bring Hovercraft Services to San Francisco Bay

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Image by Andrew Berridge

SAN FRANCISCO — Today the Water Emergency Transportation Authority received a much-anticipated Hovercraft Feasibility Study prepared by AECOM that explores whether hovercraft is a viable option for expanding water transit options in the Bay Area. The Bay Area Council has long championed deploying hovercraft services on the bay. Due to shallow depths, vast parts of the region were previously unreachable by water transit, including much of Silicon Valley. Hovercraft can open a new, environmentally sensitive option up to locations beset by some of the worst traffic in the country, as well as provide emergency evacuation services. 

The study was the result of a request made in early 2019 by Bay Area Council CEO and WETA Chair Jim Wunderman and considers 12 possible routes for WETA’s consideration as contenders for launching this new service. The Bay Area Council has worked closely with our member companies who are located in ideal sites to utilize hovercraft services and has received much enthusiasm and support for the deployment of this service among these communities.  

“The benefits hovercraft can provide our region by expanding much-needed water transit to areas where shallow waters and environmental issues prevent larger ferry boats from traveling are limitless.” said Wunderman. “Hovercraft are run all over the world, especially in Europe. The time is now for the Bay Area.” 

As the WETA board reviews the study to determine next steps in exploring this service, the Bay Area Council urges the board to support the advancement of this technology as a key new mode necessary to diversify and supplement the region’s current public transportation options. 

About the Bay Area Council

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