California Drywall Wins National Award

Wins the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry’s Excellence in Construction Quality Award

San Jose, CA (May 3, 2012) – California Drywall received national recognition, winning the 2012 Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI) Excellence in Construction Quality Award for its work on the Nokia R&D Center for Excellence project in Sunnyvale.

The AWCI Excellence in Construction Quality Award is a national award that recognizes a wall and ceiling contractor for excellence in construction quality in the face of complicated and challenging projects. Nominated projects are judged on the basis of the project’s degree of difficulty and/or unique or creative use of materials incorporated into the project; the project’s construction duration in relation to its square footage and project type; and overall construction quality.

“Between the design challenges and tight schedule, this was anything but a typical project,” said Steve Eckstrom, president of California Drywall. “We are honored that our work has been recognized by our industry peers.”

The Nokia R&D Center for Excellence project was a five-story, 156,000 square foot tenant build-out in the Sunnyvale Town Center. While there were a few “typical” wall and ceiling assemblies on the project, many had not been built before. This required California Drywall to develop engineered details and calculations for the special assemblies. Throughout the project, California Drywall worked with the general contractor, architect and owner to ensure these wall and ceiling assemblies were both constructible and economical.

The project’s focal point is an origami-like metal framed and drywall structure that creates a variety of casual seating zones, including row of four tables, two meeting nooks, and two conversation pits. The structure “bursts and fragments” into an abstracted “Tree” that rises up 48 feet, through a light well in the second floor, to another key gathering space. California Drywall developed engineered details that depicted the exact pitch, angle, rise and structural elements required to deliver on the design team’s vision. Through design and value engineering, California Drywall brought the construction cost for the “Tree” down by more than 50 percent from the design development budget.

Elements of the Tree continue through the building. Stepping off the elevator, people are greeted on each floor by a wall of abstracted tree branches and an instantly identifiable accent color: yellow on two, red on three, green on four and blue on five.

“There were some remarkable submissions,” said Jeff Burley, chairman of AWCI’s Industry Awards Committee. “By honoring the Nokia project, we not only acknowledge the efforts of California Drywall, we also offer it as an example of the type of work to which other AWCI members can aspire.”

This is the second year in a row that California Drywall has received an AWCI award. Last year the company won the Excellence in Construction Safety Award, which recognizes a contractor member who manages an effective safety program.

About California Drywall
Since its founding in 1946, California Drywall ( has been recognized as one of the leading drywall contractors in Northern California. The company maintains offices in San Francisco and San Jose and performs projects throughout the Greater Bay Area and Central Valley and employs one of the largest union workforces in the region. In 2011 Engineering News-Record (ENR) ranked California Drywall as the 10th largest Wall & Ceiling contractor in the United States.

About Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI)
Founded in 1918 and based in Falls Church, Va., AWCI is a non-profit trade association representing more than 2,000 contractors, suppliers, dealers and manufacturers in the wall and ceiling industry. The mission of the association is to provide services and undertake activities that enhance the members’ ability to operate a successful business. AWCI contractors account for 50 percent of related construction volume in the United States.

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