Mountain View’s MVgo Offers Discounted Shared Rides With New Mid-Day Mobility Program

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Pilot Program Will Offer Users $5 off Shared Rides with Lyft and Uber

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (April 1, 2019) – The Mountain View Transportation Management Association (MTMA) has launched a mid-day transportation solution for the Mountain View community to supplement its weekday MVgo commuter shuttle service. The new Mid-Day Mobility Program will offer riders discounts of up to $5 per shared ride with Lyft or Uber. Designed to encourage commuters to consider alternative and shared modes of transportation outside of the MVgo shuttle’s operating schedule, the three-month pilot program will offer riders discounts on up to 10 shared trips starting or ending in Mountain View between 10 AM and 3 PM.

To take advantage of the discount, riders must request a shared ride from Lyft or Uber and enter the promo code “MVGO2019” when prompted.

“The MTMA is committed to helping reduce traffic and improve public transit options for those who commute to and from Mountain View, whether it’s through MVgo shuttles or our new Mid-Day Mobility Program,” says Janice Yuen, MTMA Board Chair and COO, Commercial Division at Sares Regis Group of Northern California. “We saw a gap in the hours in between our shuttle service that needed to be filled and are excited that Lyft and Uber have collaborated with us to help launch this program. We encourage everyone to spread the word about this new ride-sharing opportunity.”

On the morning of Wednesday, April 24th from 7 to 11 am, MVgo will celebrate Earth Awareness Month by offering its riders free coffee and snacks at the Mountain View Transit Center. Everyone is encouraged to attend and use MVgo’s free shuttles to commute to work.

The free, MVgo shuttles are available for public use at clearly identifiable bus stops. MVgo’s routes and bus schedules can be found on MTMA’s website,, in addition to the new real-time tracking RIDEMVGO mobile app, available for free in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

About Mountain View Transportation Management Association (MTMA)

The Mountain View Transportation Management Association (MTMA) is a nonprofit transportation agency founded in 2015 by companies and the City of Mountain View to operate a free, publicly accessible shuttle service under the name MVgo. Organizations that contribute to the MTMA include: Broadreach Capital Partners, City of Mountain View, Google, Intuit, LinkedIn, Microsoft, MV Campus Owner, LLC (Coursera and Atlassian), Samsung Research America, Sares Regis Group of Northern California, Sobrato Organization, Symantec, and Elementum.

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