REALM™ The First Collaborative Global Real Estate Collective Launches During the Pandemic Delivering $5.4 Billion in Inventory

REALM Julie Faupel Leading Minds

DENVER, CO (Jan. 5, 2021) – REALM™ the first collaborative global real estate  membership platform launched at the onset of the Pandemic is moving into 2021 with  over $5.4 Billion in luxury real estate inventory. REALM’s elite membership is comprised  of the most accomplished real estate professionals ever assembled, with a majority of  the membership recognized as industry leaders by various publications including Wall  Street Journal/REALTrends annual survey rankings. 

REALM™, offers patented technology and exclusive services to members that optimize the unique experiences, lifestyles, and passions of their high net worth (HNW)  clients to match them with the properties they seek. REALM’s strength is that it  connects agent to agent in service to their clients via a rich, curated content platform  integrating information from the world’s leading data resources. 

“REALM technology exists to connect human to human and enhance  relationships. We launched in March, at the same time that the Pandemic severely limited our ability to bring agents together,” explains Julie Faupel, REALM founder, and  CEO, owner of Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, a past winner of Christie’s  International Real Estate Affiliate of the Year award in 2011 and 2014. “We responded  to this driving human need for meaningful community by creating our weekly live  Leading Minds forums to introduce our member agents to each other, learn together  from experts from the business world and beyond, and share personal experiences to  build success through these new powerful relationships. Covid created an unforeseen  opportunity for us to pivot to and we stepped up to fill that void our members were  feeling. Existing members are introducing their colleagues to REALM and our  membership is thriving,” Faupel adds. 

Today REALM’s global reach across 23 states and 9 countries including 83  individual markets offers members the rare opportunity to meet and collaborate with  other industry leaders and their clients. REALM’s proprietary platform is brand agnostic  and erases geographical boundaries to market luxury properties, allowing members  increased visibility to grow their brands. The result is a smarter way to acquire and sell  properties on behalf of their clients in a historically competitive market.  

Here’s what REALM members are saying: 

• “REALM has been an incredible growth tool for me this year by allowing me to  connect with other top agents across the country—many of whom I would have  never ordinarily connected with. It helps market my listings to brokers with like minded clients which is in turn a benefit to my clients as well. The connection  within the network is extremely collaborative and overall beneficial to growing my  business.” Emily Beare,, New York City 

• “REALM has provided an all-new form and substance to the referral network of  the future. Offering top agents from around the world the combination of talent,  technology, and vision, this is the future of client-centric relationship-building.  REALM has provided me with a broader, brand-agnostic universe of agents to  assist myself & my clients across the globe.” Bill Fandel, Compass, Telluride,  Colorado 

Moving into 2021, REALM is expanding membership opportunities for new luxury and  ultra-luxury residential developments. These include 181 Fremont and The Avery in San  Francisco, and REALM is in discussions with several other luxury developments in New  York, Los Angeles and Miami. “At 181 Fremont, our team is devoted to sharing our  spectacular residences with the most discerning clients in the world. We are  encouraged by REALM’s amazing reach to the top real estate professionals across the  U.S and nine countries representing over 100,000 UHNW clients. This is a huge  advantage for us,” notes Leo Mederios, Compass Development Marketing Group, 181  Fremont Residences, San Francisco.  

Throughout 2020 REALM has continued to forge strong partnerships with a myriad  of data-rich firms to deepen the offerings to luxury agents whose clients expect only the  best. 

Advanced technology is key for REALM’s members. “REALM is committed to  innovation and making our technology platform the very best it can be. We are  announcing new enhancements with new and, more focused matching algorithms, 

matching display to feature high matches first, advanced features allowing members to  control matching formulas and the ability to filter clients, properties and agents by tags,”  explains Faupel.  

In 2021, REALM expects to expand to 1,000 members and over $20 billion luxury  and ultra-luxury inventory.  

About REALM  

REALM is the first globally collaborative real estate platform that combines real-time  data with human experience and networking, and its membership is comprised of the  most accomplished real estate professionals ever assembled. A REALM membership is  a relationship enhancer, and includes a game-changing technology platform that will  enhance client data, provide a lifestyle profile for a member’s clients, and then matches  elite REALM members anywhere in the world based on the clients they represent and  the listings they have.  

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