Self-Storage Startup Stuf Announces New Locations in San Francisco and Oakland

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The startup officially announced two additional locations in Northern California, bringing self-storage solutions to landlords, consumers, and business owners

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 10, 2021 — Stuf, a next generation self-storage business that provides easy-to-access and “right next door” storage, today announced two new locations in San Francisco and Oakland, California. Stuf partners with commercial real estate owners to monetize vacant spaces in buildings, creating new cash flow opportunities while providing neighborhoods with a safe, warm, and inviting environment to store personal belongings, business inventory and much more.

“The missing piece with self-storage, especially in heavily populated areas like the Bay Area, is having reliable and conveniently situated options. By leveraging underutilized spaces, we’re able to provide locals and businesses nearby facilities for all needs,” says Co-Founder and CEO of Stuf, Katharine Lau. “On the other side of the same coin, our model allows for new ways to monetize commercial real estate. Our mission at Stuf is to partner with property owners to capitalize on the growing shift to more flexible living and working and how they translates to more flexible storage needs.”

Stuf’s new San Francisco self-storage site at 115 Sansome Street is owned by the Vanbarton Group. This will be the startup’s second location in the city, and will function as neighborhood storage for businesses and consumers to store everything from seasonal items and light furniture to easily accessible inventory. Located in the heart of the Financial District, Stuf’s newest location occupies the basement of the office building’s roughly 118,000 square feet. The space was previously used for overflow building storage; however, Stuf is now generating a new revenue stream by leveraging the unused space.

Stuf’s downtown Oakland location, found at 521 16th Street, offers fresh life to a largely unused basement in an approximately 61,000 square foot office building. Since moving in and converting the space, Stuf’s self-storage offering serves office tenants throughout the building, as well as neighboring small business owners and apartment dwellers in need of extra room.

“Before Stuf moved in, our basement was underutilized,” states Westlake Realty Asset Manager, Jeffrey Bak. “Now our building has tech-enabled storage that is both welcoming and easy to access, and our tenants are actually using it via Stuf. We believe this is a new and unique amenity that office owners will benefit greatly from.”

In addition to new openings, Stuf is also currently operating full-service self-storage in Brooklyn, New York, with locations in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Manhattan set to open in late 2021.

About Stuf
Stuf is a next-generation self-storage startup delivering modern, tech-enabled storage solutions to consumers. Stuf partners with real estate owners to monetize basements, garages, and other spaces in commercial buildings, creating new cash flow opportunities while providing neighborhoods with new amenities. Whether running low on space or looking for seasonal storage, Stuf is proud to be the home away from home for people’s possessions.

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