Calvera Partners Reveals 22 Secrets for Successful Real Estate Investing

White Paper reveals secret tips and tricks to make real estate investing easier and more understandable for high net worth families and individuals

SAN FRANCISCO (October 13, 2017) – Calvera Partners, a California-based private real estate investment firm, has distilled their knowledge of the 22 most successful real estate investing strategies into a new comprehensive white paper to make real estate investing easier and more understandable for both high net worth families and anyone interested in earning long-term cash flow and the highest investment returns.

Based on leading real estate investment experts who have been involved with over one billion dollars of real estate transactions, the white paper, “22 Secrets to Using Real Estate for Retirement Cash Flow,” provides an inside look into:

      • The most promising prospects for maximizing real estate returns, based on historical, current and emerging trends
      • The good, the bad and the ugly of real estate investing
      • The worst real estate investing traps and how to avoid them

    “Aging boomers who want steady cash flow in retirement are curious about real estate, but they don’t all want the day-to-day responsibilities that goes with real estate ownership,” said Brian Milovich, managing principal at Calvera Partners. “Little do they know, there are numerous ways to invest in real estate that can allow them to get the best of both worlds.”

    Here are three of the 22 secrets from the white paper:

      • Ignore your Advisors. To gain the potential cash flow that comes from having a meaningful percentage of your portfolio in real estate, you may have to ignore certain advisors. In Calvera’s experience, many brokers, investment advisors and tax accountants, recommend strongly against real estate in retirement-oriented portfolios. Think about it, brokers get no commissions on real estate investments, unless they talk you into buying a REIT (traded or non-traded) that generates high fees. They also have a lot less to do if your money is “tied up” in real estate. Investors need to do their own analysis to decide to put assets in real estate.
      • Pass 4th Grade Math. Success in real estate is first and foremost about arithmetic. This may come as a surprise, but you don’t have to do anything more complicated than long division. None of it is more difficult than the math you learned in elementary school and there are only a handful of important numbers to understand. If you can understand those, you will be able to figure out how good of a deal it is and how much you should pay.
        Invest with a Taxed Account. People automatically think they should use a tax deferred account such as a 401K or IRA for investing; however, you can maximize the value of your real estate investments by holding them in a taxed account. This is because the money you get from real estate is not what the IRS calls taxable income. You pay less tax on your real estate cash flow than on cash from other investments because your real estate investment is charged so-called non-cash expenses, like depreciation and amortization.

    Download the full white paper here:

    “With proper planning and research, a high net worth investor in or nearing retirement can use these 22 carefully selected pieces of advice, insight and solutions to begin seeing the huge benefits from adding smart real estate investments to their portfolio,” said Milovich. “We know the roadblocks ahead and look forward to championing real estate ownership for the savvy investor.”

    The white paper also examines different types of real estate (i.e., multifamily, office, etc.), structures in which to own real estate (i.e., real estate limited partnerships, real estate investment trusts, etc.), an overview of property management, using debt to maximize returns, the benefits of operating leverage, real estate as an inflation hedge, real estate as a diversification play and much, much more.

    About Calvera Partners
    Calvera Partners is a real estate investment firm that acquires and repositions apartment communities using inspiration from the boutique hotel industry to modernize the country’s aging apartment stock. Their strategy provides accredited investors with long-term cash flow and superior investment returns. Founded in 2010, Calvera seeks to identify specific communities that exhibit improving economic and demographic trends. Managing principals Brian Chuck, Brian Milovich, and David Saxe have a combined 45+ years of real estate and finance experience and have been involved in more than $1.0 billion of real estate investments. To date, Calvera has sold 4 properties for an estimated weighted average net IRR of 32.4% and a net multiple of 2.27X.

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