Google Rounds up Entire Block in Mountain View, Expands its Large Presence in the Neighborhood

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In an all-too-familiar scenario played out time and time again in Silicon Valley, the tech giants seem to be continuing their efforts to take large swaths of property as soon as they become available. This week, Google purchased two more buildings in Mountain View for $18 million to round off an entire block that is surrounded by other buildings the search giant had purchased in the past. According to public records, Google purchased the buildings located at 420 Clyde Avenue and 880 Maude Avenue, the remaining two of seven buildings in a block that has systematically acquired by Google over the last 5 years.

The two buildings were constructed in the late ’60s. The Clyde Avenue building is roughly 16,000 square feet. The Maude Avenue property is just over 20,000 square feet. Both were sold to Google by Lane Partners. The three streets that carve up the industrial park next to the Sunnyvale Golf Course all majority owned by Google, as shown in the graph below, making this one of the highest concentration of buildings the tech company owns.

The map below also does not show additional ownership by Google to the northwest of the outline.

Google purchase

Map by Apple; Data source: public documents

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